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Day 213 Battle with Epilepsy

I found out that my son had been hiding the fact that he had been diagnosed with Epilepsy. He began having seizures about three years ago that has changed our lives forever. I felt so helpless these pass three years because I was unable to do anything. I recently began research for a way to help him at the same time I was going through difficult times with my wife Joyce who had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer metastasis to unknown locations. Joyce was given 6-18 months to live. We are now on Day 213 of her battle.

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We started her using 1500 mg of 10xpure CBD oil from CTFO and have returned her to have a quality of life like before her symptoms of constipation which led to the diagnosis of cancer. Joyce had been in tremendous pain for nearly six months. She still is under immunotherapy and CBD Oil. We are waiting for our shipment of CBD oil and now we are going to pre-order it each month from CFTO to make sure we never run out of it again.

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