Paying off that student Loan- What You’ll Actually Be Doing After You Graduate, As Told By Your Zodiac Sign

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Probably the least exciting thing about graduating college is having to answer the question of what you’re going to do after you graduate. It feels like some kind of a test of your self-will. The more you get asked the question, the more you want to throw a chair.

We all have high hopes for ourselves after graduation, and that’s a good thing. But often times, life throws you curve-balls, and things are not exactly how we dream they’ll be, and it’s good to keep a sense of humor about it.

So think of this as a handy realistic guide that outlines exactly what you will ACTUALLY be doing after you graduate, based on both your zodiac sign and real-life, post-college expertise.

You now have an answer for when people ask you what are you doing after you graduate?

Here’s what it is:

Aries: Losing your mind at the slow crawl toward success.

Aries will be incredibly shocked that they aren’t experiencing the meteoric rise to success that they had been planning for themselves immediately after college.

They’ll be ready to hit the ground running, but what they won’t expect and will have no patience for is a number of obstacles that are outside of their control, like an inflated job market and the pressure of student loans. Remember, success takes time.

Be patient and keep pushing.

Taurus: Asking to work from home the first week of your first job.

After four years in a dorm room, most Taurus peeps will be more than happy to move back to the comfort and luxury of their parent’s house. Everything is paid for and there’s unlimited salami. You might take a good amount of advantage of this situation before realizing it’s time to get a job.

Unfortunately for your parents, you’re so good at getting what you want, you’ll probably be able to land one that allows you to work from their couch.

Gemini: Probably having a crisis of conscience.

Knowing the Gemini personality on a deeply personal level, I have first-hand knowledge of the fact that most of them leave college and spend the next six months trying to get a job while still wondering if they even chose the right major.

It’s very difficult for them to make a decision or commit to one thing since they really want to have their cake and eat it too. It’s OK to change your mind Gemini, but if you change it too many times, maybe its commitment you’re avoiding, not making the wrong decision.

Cancer: Crying in public a lot.

There is nothing more upsetting to Cancer than being separated from their inner circle of friends and thrown out of a living situation they’ve become accustomed to. We all spend a lot more time crying in our early 20s than they tell us we will, and that’s OK.

Remember that whatever happens next, friendship and the support that comes with it is important to you, so begin to build new ones wherever you go. That’s your lifeline.

Leo: Killin it and bragging up a storm on social media.

Leos aren’t meant for college life. They’re ruled by the fifth house of education and creative endeavors, so they make their life their school and they learn best hands-on. Youll most likely is the friend that immediately gets successful in the real world, and you’ll be wondering why you even went to college in the first place.

I’d never tell a Leo not to brag on social media, but remember, you could be attracting haters, and a smart business person knows to keep their enemies close. Stay humble.

Virgo: Sticking to a very strict plan of action.

One advantage Virgos have over other signs is an ability to make a plan and stick to it.

They won’t get caught up in the post-grad anxiety that other signs have to fight through. They know there’s no shitty feeling that checking items off a to-do list can’t get rid of.

It’s this ability to execute a plan that guarantees a steady climb to success in the real world.

Libra: Immediately looking for your soulmate.

Of course, your career is important to you, OF COURSE. But first things first: Find and take a lover, hold onto them tightly, marry them, and secure their health insurance.

Nothing is worth doing if you’ve got no one to share it with, right Libra?! You’re the sign of partnership, for the love of Christ.

Scorpio: Taking a million side jobs to pay off your debts.

Scorpio is ruled by the eighth-house of inheritances, debts, sex, and mystery, so these are the themes that seem to surround their lives. If you’re a Scorpio, you’ll have an old-soul wisdom about the amount of debt you have to pay off and you’ll waste no time starting to pay it off.

You know that debts haunt a person, and you’re not going to be controlled by it. Ego won’t play a part in the number of jobs you’ll take to free yourself from the grips of Sallie Mae.

Sagittarius: Travel the world to find yourself.

Sagittarius is ruled by the ninth-house of expanded education and travel. Just because you’ve finished your formal education doesn’t mean you’re finished learning. In fact, your personal education has just begun.

Sagittarius is the most likely of all the signs to make that post-college trip around the world, expanding on their personal experience because they know it’s just as valuable as work experience in the long-run.

Capricorn: Starting from the bottom.

Capricorn is the sign symbolized by the goat pushing a rock up a hill, and like the symbol for their sign, Capricorns will leave college prepared to take any job they can get and ready to climb the ladder toward success.

Your sign is determined to leave and impact on the world, and you won’t get stuck comparing yourself to others along the way. You have all the inner resources to do it, too.

Aquarius: Changing the way your generation is stereotyped.

Aquarians are the most likely sign to show up at their new job and defy the expectations of everyone there. Millennials have been stereotyped as an entitled generation, but the Aquarians desire to learn and their curiosity in the workplace can completely change that.

Not only are you happy to learn more, your advanced and innovative ideas will prove your value to everyone you work with. You can expect to advance pretty quickly in the real world.

Pisces: Either drinking/working a lot, it’s a toss-up.

When they say Pisces is a water sign, it’s good to think of that as a suggestion to hydrate, because Pisces know how to drink everyone under the table. Because they’re symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, toward heaven and hell, submerged under the ocean in their dreamy world, Pisces live in a fantasy world.

The way they choose to escape will make or break them in the real world. Put all that dreamy energy in the right place.

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