Day 212 – Our Battle Against Cancer

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In April of 2018 the love of my life, my wife Joyce, started experiencing constipation and abdominal stomach pain that would last for months. We spent multiple trips back and forth to the hospital until one doctor ordered a CT-Scan and two separate biopsies that finally revealed that she had stage four lung cancer in July 2018. We were told that chemo treatments could prolong her life up to 18 months. It took 4 months to get to this diagnosis, then surgery for a port and then we began Chemo (two different types).

The first chemo did not work and my wife started to have her legs swell up. We were told just like the woman in the below video to follow that she would only have 6-12 months to live.

Joyce’s pain persisted during the first four rounds of chemo. They switched her to immunotherapy and radiation treatments to isolate the enlarged lymph-nodes blockage causing her legs to swell up.


After 15 treatments of isolated radiation and CBD oil from City of Hope her legs have now returned to normal.

During all of this in a hopeful search for solutions to help my dear wife survive my cousin reached out to me about CBD oil from CTFO. We ordered this and began treatments in November and December I ordered without hesitation and got the strongest and purest type available (1500 mg). It cost less than $200 in comparison to the itemized bill of Chemo of $20,000 for each treatment. Little did I know or understand what really helped her pain and suffering. She took the oil for two months but we could not tell if it was helping or not at the time. But it was after she had taken it that her conditions started to greatly improve. In July we were told by the doctors that she would not survive and that no chemo or radiation could save her life. Well she has survived for 212 days and counting. Prayers brought CBD Oil to me and has helped us through this time and I want to share it with others now and every day.

As a Doctor of Education I began to conduct research into exactly why Joyce was experiencing an amazing recovery and I found evidence of how CBD oil & immunotherapy together could possibly lead to a remarkable recovery. We were told by all the doctors that Chemo would only extend her life and that radiation treatments were not a choice. Yet after taking the CTFO CBD oil my wife is walking, driving,entertaining, sleeping through the night, and without pain. The severe constipation has gone away as well.

You can order yours here.

So since July my wife has cut down the truckload of pills taking daily to only 2 prescription drugs now. She has lost 31 pounds and is no longer diabetic. She has gone from not being able to drive to having a quality of life and playing Zelda on her Nintendo TV while I am writing this today. She goes shopping and spends quality time with her grandchildren. She goes shopping, to the beauty shop for her hair and her nails. She is still the love of my life today. I believe it was the CTFO 10xpure CBD Oil that has restored her life.

The more that I research the more evidence I find supporting the reasons her health has turned around dramatically. We both take the CBD oil on a regular basis and will continue to check with our doctors twice a year for progress.

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