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Nicki Minaj is helping studious fans pay their college expenses

A most benevolent diva. Image: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com Fans of Nicki Minaj piled on with internet praise this weekend after the artist offered to pay college-related expenses for students with straight A’s. Minaj responded to dozens of requests on Twitter from fans seeking hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay down student loans

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LikeFolio is an app for understanding the stock market via Twitter

Image: bloomberg/getty images When Donald Trump tweets, the stock moves. Twitter’s influence on the stock market isn’t breaking news (traders used Twitter data to predict Brexit, the 2016 election and other societal moves), but a new app is trying to put that knowledge into the hands of more people not just bankers and professional stocker

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Nicki Minaj offers to pay students tuition after fan asks for help on Twitter

The rapper said she would pay international airfare for contest winners, so a US student asked for help with tuition. Six minutes later, Minaj tweeted her offer Nicki Minaj was getting all the credit, with Twitter humming around the world in praise of her decision to spend thousands of dollars of her own money helping

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