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5 Things Every Graduate Needs To Think About With Trump As President

The past graduating season has brought the first class of college gradsto exit school during the Donald Trump era. If youre one of those alums, thats worth noting, too, because of the drastic differences between this president and the last. Simply put, things are going to be different. While you figure out how to navigate

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Republicans voice opposition to Trump’s budget: ‘Dead on arrival’

The presidents plan to reduce spending ran into some conservative opposition, in addition to criticism from Democrats, for cuts to Medicaid and other programs Donald Trumps proposal to reduce spending by $3.6tn, mostly by slashing antipoverty programs that provide social safety nets for the poor, ran into bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill, where a number

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Mohamed El-Erian: We get signals that the system is under enormous stress

Leading economist and investor believes world leaders, and global capitalism, have reached fork in road between equality and chaos The bad news is that another economic crisis could strike within two years. The good or better news is that such a shock is not nailed on. Its a 50% chance. But the developed world is

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