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Top US student loans official resigns over ‘open hostility’ from White House

In his resignation letter, Seth Frotman said Trumps budget director was serving the most powerful financial companies   The governments top official overseeing the $1.5tn student loan market resigned in protest on Monday, citing what he says is the White Houses open hostility toward protecting the nations millions of student loan borrowers. Seth Frotman will

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Republicans voice opposition to Trump’s budget: ‘Dead on arrival’

The presidents plan to reduce spending ran into some conservative opposition, in addition to criticism from Democrats, for cuts to Medicaid and other programs Donald Trumps proposal to reduce spending by $3.6tn, mostly by slashing antipoverty programs that provide social safety nets for the poor, ran into bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill, where a number

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Billionaire Betsy DeVos wants to scrap student debt forgiveness. Surprised? | Jamie Peck

The plan by the secretary of education represents the Trump administrations multi-part assault on public education and the non-rich When Donald Trump appointed Betsy DeVos secretary of education, Americas school-going people worried it was only a matter of time before she brought back debtors prison for student loan defaulters and subcontracted out K-12 education to

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