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The inescapable weight of my $100,000 student debt

The long read: MH Miller left university with a journal full of musings on Virginia Woolf and a vast financial burden. He is one of 44 million US graduates struggling to repay a total of $1.4tn. Were they right to believe their education was priceless? On Halloween in 2008, about six weeks after Lehman Brothers

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Deceased and still in debt: the student loans that don’t get forgiven

Its not clear how many deceased students Navient is chasing for money but the company has been riddled with controversy   In 2005, Sean Bennett took out a student loan with Sallie Mae, in 2010 he graduated from college and in 2011, when Sean was 23 years old, he died in a car accident. At

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How student loan companies pretend to be your friend

Private lenders are using free movies and happy hours to entice people to refinance their student debt Are you one of the 44 million Americans drowning in student loans you fear you’ll never pay back? Worried that you’ll be in the red for the rest of your life? Well, why not forget about your spiraling

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